Annual Checklist

It is an annual requirement that parents and caregivers verify permissions via our Annual Permission Checklist.  This process ensures student information is correct and that we are adhering to Department requirements.

Documents that require consent can be downloaded on this page. Please read the downloadable documents and ensure you and your child are familiar with the BYOD User agreement and Parent & Student Handbook. 

Without verification, your child may be restricted in participating in certain school events.

To provide consent follow the steps below:

  1. Login to Parent Lounge and under Student Details > General Details find the Annual Permission Checklist and complete the checklist by clicking the update button and answer Y or N to each of the checklist items.
  2. Select the date of acceptance.
  3. If you have multiple students at the College you will be required to complete the checklist for each student.
  4. Click Submit Changes button to complete the submission process.

All items in the Annual Permission Checklist are listed below and shown on the General Details page of the student profile in Parent Lounge: Please ensure you enter Y or N to each of the items.

Media Consent Statement:

Privacy Policy

Local Excursion Consent:

BYOD Acceptable Use Agreement: 

Parent & Student Handbook:

In addition to the permission checklist you will be required to confirm all medical details annually and on consenting to any excursion.