Boarding Activities

Meet Mr Nic Wheeler our Head of Boys' Boarding, who has a passion for fun, "A multitude of activities are provided for any boarder who would like to take the opportunity to come together as a group and participate in fun together. It builds relationships, new skills, keeps you active and its great for everyone's mental health".
Boarders have many activities to choose from during the week. Listed below are some of the activities and facilities students have access to:

  • After school sporting activities include full access to the College tennis courts, basketball courts, netball courts and sporting ovals
  • On Mondays and Wednesdays students can choose from a variety of activities including art/craft, gym, fishing, walking, cooking
  • Daily horse riding
  • Swimming during warmer months
  • Students may work in our Community Garden
Full boarders are permitted to undertake essential shopping each Saturday

Study Assistance is also available after school:
  • Wednesdays - Maths, Science, English, History, Geography & PDHPE
  • Thursdays - Maths & English assistance
  • If any student is seeking assistance with their learning projects, they should talk to the appropriate teacher