Language study allows students to develop communication skills, learn about languages as systems and explore the relationship between language and culture. Students engage with the linguistic and cultural diversity of societies and reflect on their understanding of social interactions. 

The study of a language is compulsory for 100 hours in one continuous school year. Students at St Paul's College complete these hours in Year 8. Students can choose to continue with their study of Spanish/Cultral Studies as an elective subject in Years 9 and 10.   

St Paul's College also offers in Years 11 and 12, the opportunity to undertake Spanish for their Tertiary Education.  

Five important reasons for learning a Second Language: 

Learning another language is an exciting experience for young children. While they have fun discovering new and unique ways of expressing themselves, they also exercise and strengthen their brains. That is why St Paul's College likes to foster and support this opportunity by providing a cohesive and exciting Language Program and providing a worldwide language such as Spanish. 

No matter what your child's ability, research shows that learning another language can: 

  • Stimulate brain development 
  • Significantly enhance English literacy skills 
  • Improve memory 
  • Improve concentration and numeracy skills 
  • Improve overall performance at school and encourage respect and understanding of other cultures