St Paul's College offers excellent educational opportunities each year through our Scholarship program. Students wishing to apply who meet the criteria set for the three categories, are invited to apply.


An Australia Council for Education (ACER) academic exam will be held for new students entering Year 7 in 2025 and for new and current St Paul's College students entering Years 9, 10, 11 in 2025.  The exam will include mathematics, humanities and a written piece of work.  To register, please apply via the ACER website link with payment of $120 by the following closing dates:

Level 1 (Year 7) closing date - 12th April 2024 - CLOSED FOR 2025 ENTRY

Level 2 & 3 (Years 9, 10, 11) closing date - 9th August 2024.

The ACER EXAMS will be held at St Paul's College on the following dates - 

Level 1 (Year 7) exam date - Wednesday 1st May 9.00am - CLOSED

Level 2 & 3 (Years 9, 10, 11) exam date - Friday 23rd August, 9.00am


 Academic Scholarship Criteria 2025

 Scholarship Application Form


Opportunities for new students entering Year 7, 9, 11 who are an outstanding performer in -

  • Music
  • Drama
  • Equine
  • Agriculture
  • Sport

Co-curricular scholarships close 12th April 2024 - CLOSED

 Co-Curricular Scholarship Criteria 2025

 Scholarship Application Form


New students can apply under the general excellence scholarship who many not necessarily be an outstanding academic student but show a strong commitment to their studies. The categories include -

  • Boarding
  • Citizenship
  • Student Leadership
  • Lutheran Women

Culture and Citizenship scholarships close 12th April 2024 - CLOSED

 Culture and Citizenship Criteria 2025

 Scholarship Application Form


All applications must be accompanied by a Scholarship Application Form and the additional documents set out in the criteria documents, as follows -

  • Academic
  • Co-curricular
  • Culture and Citizenship
  • Scholarship Application Form


 Scholarship Application Form