Scholarships closed for 2022

St Paul's College offers a range of Scholarships for new students considering enrolment for the following year.  Families of prospective students are invited to apply by providing the following information by the published closing dates (usually May).
Examples of scholarships on offer - 
General Scholarships (ACER Academic Exams)
Boarding, Equine, Agriculture, First Nations, Industrial Technology Scholarships.
You may apply for more than one scholarship, but only one will be selected and awarded.
Students from a Lutheran Primary School automatically receive 20% reduction in tuition fees upon a Year 7 enrolment.  Students from Lutheran Primary Schools are therefore only eligible to sit the General Scholarship Year 7 Exam.
Applicants to provide - 
  • Completed Scholarship Application.
  • A written character reference provided by a person who has known the applicant in a sporting, learning or social setting.
  • Most recent school report.
  • Additional information such as clubs, associations, or interest groups applicable to the applicant can be provided (optional).

Please download Scholarship Information & Application Form and forward to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.