Boarding at St Paul's

"We're not just a home away from home, but a family away from family"

"We believe that our students who are boarders have a unique, extended opportunity for personal, social, and educational growth and development", shares Mr Kris Wheeler, Director of Boarding.

The Learning JoUrney Continues

Our message to all our boarders: an incredible and exciting adventure awaits you at the St Paul’s College Boarding Program – get involved, enjoy all that is on offer, make the most of this amazing opportunity to engage in a vigorous & dynamic curriculum in an incredible setting!

St Paul's offers an outstanding boarding experience and we invite our residents to both engage in and respect our boarding programs and activities. Take comfort in the knowledge that every boarder at St Paul’s College has an unequalled opportunity to learn. Choose to spend your time wisely – find what you are passionate about and pursue these interests with great vigour. Above all, make the most of the opportunities available to you – get to know your peers and forge life-long friendships that will stand you in good stead, now, and into the future.

Learning to live in community is a vital skill, and research teaches us that boarding students develop close friendships and values, such as resilience, tolerance and independence often much earlier than others who are not given the same educational opportunities. Living at school offers many advantages – time that would otherwise be allocated to travel can be better utilised, enabling boarders to be fully engaged in their schoolwork, sporting endeavours, and other co-curricular activities. Our boarders also have access to learning support from a selection of staff who are available throughout the day and after school hours. 

Boarding Options

There are a range of boarding options at St Paul’s College. These include:

Full-time Boarding   :   Weekly Boarding   :    Casual Boarding (open to day students)

To find out more about these options, please refer to our fees schedule or contact our enrolments team on +61 02 6029 2200

Fee Information

Why Boarding?

Many of our boarding parents are attracted to St Paul’s College because of its rural location. These parents either value our location because they too, are located in a rural setting or because they recognise we offer a safe and nurturing environment far away from the distractions of urban life. Our boarders bond over being away from home and cement firm friendships. By sharing daily life with others, boarders develop resilience, self-confidence, empathy and leadership skills. We are not just a home away from home, but a family away from family. 

"My husband and I took considerable time looking for a boarding school that suited the needs of our children.  Our two boys Bryce and Ryan have been raised on a station in Far West NSW and had studied through School of the Air, out of Broken Hill, so it was important to find a school where they would feel comfortable in the environment and be able to follow their passions both in their education through school and through external activities. St Pauls College answered all our requirements being both an agricultural and equine college. Upon visiting the college it was clear that this would be a safe place where both the education and wellbeing of the students is a top priority".

Sonia & Rodney Carey, Menindee NSW

 Duty of Care

Our main focus in the Boarding Program at St Paul’s College is on providing the highest level of duty of care we can to each individual boarder. The emotional health and wellbeing of our boarders, staff and families are our priority. Boarding at St Paul’s College is very much about creating a family environment. We have the responsibility to ensure all our residents meet their academic, social, sporting and spiritual goals. We aim to install in our boarders the values of Love, Humility, Justice, Hope, Courage, Compassion, Service, Forgiveness, Appreciation and Quality – values that complement the core values of the College.