Learning Technologies (BYOD)

St Paul's College requires all students to Bring Your Own Device. We understand that device selection is very personal. BYOD allows students and families the freedom to make technology choices that suit both the curriculum requirements as well as their own.
BYOD provides for a necessary shift in the way we deliver the curriculum to our students as we aim to nurture and accommodate the skills and practices significant for 21st Century learners.

How does it work?

Devices selected by students\parents must meet our minimum device specifications. By bringing a device the student accept our Acceptable Use Agreement that defines how technology can be used at St Paul’s. This agreement is detailed within our BYOD Handbook.

How do I Purchase?

Parents have two options when purchasing a device:
Option 1 – School Selected BYOD: A Windows device recommended by the College supplied through our BYOD partner Learning With Technologies.
Option 2 - Self Selected BYOD: A device of your own choosing. Purchased through an alternative supplier.
Full details of the program can be found within our BYOD Handbook.