Wellbeing of Boarding Students

St Paul’s accepts that it has a special responsibility and duty of care to its boarding (residential) students. This responsibility encompasses the spiritual, as well as the physical, academic, and social-emotional domains.

All boarding house supervisors are qualified with Senior First Aid Certificates; Australian Boarding Schools Association Duty of Care Accreditation; and Active Duty Certificates; and they monitor the health and wellbeing of boarders, liaising daily with the College nurses. 

Pastoral care is at the cornerstone of St Paul’s boarding. From the moment a new boarder begins at St Paul’s, they are always supported (The College of U). Our boarding staff are primarily concerned for the wellbeing of each and every boarding student so that they feel both supported and cared for. The Director, Learning in Residence along with the Heads of Girls’ and Boys’ Residence, oversee the care, supervision, and development of all boarders to ensure their social, spiritual, emotional, and physical needs are met. They are also well supported in their role by Resident Supervisors, College Nurses, and the College Wellbeing Team.

On weekends full boarders attend either a local church service, or an in-house devotion. Students are enrolled at St Paul’s on the understanding that they are willing to experience its Christian ethos.

Boarder meals are outsourced to professional caterers (Sodexco) who ensure that boarding students have a balanced diet that is low-fat and healthy. Indeed, our boarding students have a great variety in their diet that suits the diets of most young people.

The St Paul’s College Pastor and School Counsellor are also available to provide a supportive boarding environment. Boarders can check in with our Counsellor and Pastor, as needed, and private and confidential appointments with our counselling staff can be arranged during school hours.

The security and safety of our boarders and their belongings is of primary concern to all our boarding staff. Both our girls’ and boys’ residence is well lit at night and we have security cameras fixed throughout all hallways and common areas within the buildings.

St Paul’s offers a comprehensive co-curricular program and our boarders can choose from a wide selection of activities in the sporting, musical, dramatic and cultural arenas. We encourage all boarders to be involved in sporting activities at St Paul’s and in the community. Full boarding students may participate in local sporting competitions (Netball and Football in the winter months with Cricket and Tennis in the summer months). Weekly boarders are welcome to train with local teams.

Our Heads of Residence develop and oversee a planned recreation weekend program. The aim of this is to keep boarders active on the weekends. Activities include essential shopping trips to Albury or Wagga Wagga, Ten Pin Bowling, Laser Tag, Rodeo’s, excursions to sporting fixtures at the MCG in Melbourne, movie nights, and trips to the ski fields.

At St Paul’s, there is always something for our boarders to do, and company while they do it.