Our Year 9 students who study Rite Journey, were given the challenge of raising money for a charity, called the $10 Challenge. This challenge originated from am idea of two of our students who were thinking about completing a long distance run to raise money for a charity.  All our students made an outstanding contribution and rose to the challenge.  Special mention is made to Lilly Kohlhagen who raised $3800 to help local families impacted by cancer.  Lilly amazing efforts involved a Jelly Beam guessing competition, Father's Day raffle and two cake stalls, and recently presented the proceeds to Trust Fund chair, Michelle Hensel. (photographed)

A group of nine boys geared up with Sports teacher, Mr Wellington to take on a half marathon.  They left the College and headed to the Walla swamp and then towards the town of  Walbundrie.  Around Walla Walla are various stock routes and dirt roads which include some steep climbs and even a water crossing at Busters Hill - due to the local flooding!  Despite a head wind at times, the runners kept a steady pace and were regularly swapped between running and riding. It was a great team effort.

Zac Klemke deserves a special mention as he was fit enough to complete the whole journey on foot which was a remarkable achievement. 

The group raised over $2000 which is being donated to the Cancer Council.  

To all the Year 9 students - well done!  The efforts you have all made will make a HUGE difference in so many people's lives.