The College of U

The College of U – it's all about the joUrney

U, the student, are central to everything we do at St Paul’s. Your parents have entrusted our College to provide you with every possible opportunity to achieve to your potential. Our staff are subsequently committed to doing everything possible to ensure that your experience at St Paul’s is really positive & productive.

We are a Christ-centred community valuing people and learning. At St Paul’s we have a clear focus and dedication to learning in the pursuit of higher achievement – for U
So how might this intent look during the day to day life of the College?

“A personalised experience. You are well known and well cared for"

Parents and students feel that students are individually known, accepted and developed.


"Everyone says hello, the teachers know who I am" (Student) 

 "Lately I have been getting phone calls. You would assume you get a call when your child was in trouble; this call was about how wonderful my child was towards another student" (Parent) 

"There is no judgment, you can take risks" (Student) 

 "Wellbeing is a major focus” (Teacher)


We believe in commUnity